Main Business

lithium battery, lipo battery, LiSOCL2 battery, LiMNO2 battery Mmanufacturer and exporter.

About Us

Incorporated in 2004, SERui is one of the leading professional lithium battery suppliers of China, focusing on LiSOCL2 battery,LiMNO2 battery,lipo battery/lithium polymer battery,LiFePO4 battery. Our batteries are now widely recognized as reliable products under the brand name SER, so much so that they have been adopted by our satisfied customers into their various devices and equipments.

The company is continuously investing in developing and introducing new efficient power products to meet the ever expanding energy needs of consumer, industrial and high technology equipment. We maintain the highest standards in the industry by:

Rigorous quality assurance
Technological expertise
Manufacturing efficiency
Global logistics and supply chain structure
Responsive and knowledgeable customer service teams